Weighted Lap Pad


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Our sensory lap pad can help your child focus and remain grounded in the classroom and during exams allowing them to remain calm and comforted.

The soft minky cover of this weighted lap pad makes it the perfect tool for any child with sensory needs. The raised dotted material is great for any child who likes to fidget or has to address sensory needs whilst focusing in class or when relaxing at home.

Whether your child needs a lap pad on the sofa, while at their desk, in the car or in a pram, our lap pads are the perfect size and weight to be taken wherever they might be needed. 

We would recommend the 3lb lap pad for children aged 3-11 and the 5lb weight for children 12+. However these make a great alternative for children who are a little too small for a full sized blanket as a snuggle type blanket!

A sensory lap pad can provide relief, comfort and help supplement sensory disorder therapy treatment for the following- sensory disorders, Asperger’s and autism spectrum disorder, ADD/ADHD spectrum disorder, anxiety, stress, tension and sensory processing disorders.

snoozzzy sensory lap pads are filled with just enough non-toxic glass pellets providing deep pressure touch stimulation without uncomfortable restriction. The pressure from the weight causes the body to produce serotonin and endorphins which are chemicals our bodies naturally use to feel relaxed or calm.

As the lap pad is divided into equal sections the weight will remain evenly distributed during its use and our extra strong stitching will mean there won’t be any leaks!

Add a snozzzy owl to your collection with this order for just £7.99.

FREE UK DELIVERY– approximately 3-5 working days

Dimensions- 50x50cm

**Please Note- anyone who suffers from a medical condition, or is pregnant, should seek medical advice before using a weighted product.**

**Recommended for children aged 3 upwards**


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