Build Your Own snoozzzy 12lb or 15lb

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Ages 11+


Build your own snoozzzy is your opportunity to have your weighted blanket exactly how you like!

You get to choose each individual element, it is as easy as 1, 2, 3-

1. Choose the weight of the blanket insert

2. Choose the cover you would like

3. Choose to add a snoozzzy owl.

The blankets come in two weights- 12lband 15lb allowing you scope to find the right blanket for you or your little one. For optimum results, we recommend choosing a blanket which is 10% of the user’s body weight as this should give 100% energy the following morning. Check out our handy snoozzzy weight guide to help you choose.

The set comes with the ultra-soft minky cover of your choice which features the fun print on one side and then the raised dotty reverse which is great for anyone with sensory needs.

All of our minky covers are machine washable on a cold wash and also feature 8 internal ties which allow it to be secured in place to the weighted blanket all night.

A discrete hidden zip allows for the cover to be removed from the blanket with ease without causing any discomfort during its use.

FREE UK DELIVERY– approximately 3-5 working days

Dimensions- 48×72 inches

**Please Note- anyone who suffers from a medical condition, or is pregnant, should seek medical advice before using a weighted blanket.**

**Recommended for children aged 3 upwards**

2 reviews for Build Your Own snoozzzy 12lb or 15lb

  1. Avatar of Sara

    Sara (verified owner)

    We bought a snoozzzy blanket for our 12 year old daughter who has terrible trouble falling asleep at night, she just can’t switch off and ends up tossing and turning for ages, getting more and more frustrated and anxious as the clock ticks on! Our snoozzzy arrived 11 nights ago and from night one she noticed a difference, she fell asleep quickly under the security of the blanket and barely moved all night – when I woke her the following morning we both laughed as she announced how amazing it was. I did wonder if maybe it had just been a fluke, but without exception, 11 nights on and she still says it’s amazing. Thank you so much. It was great to find a weighted blanket and a company that were catering for teenagers (and younger children) as there are very few good quality blankets on the market that aren’t just grey and boring!

  2. Avatar of Kirsty

    Kirsty (verified owner)

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