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Snoozzzy 6 Benefits For Your Children (Maybe one just for you)!


The benefits of weighted blankets for kids are endless. They can help with sleep in general, anxiety, sensory processing disorder, autism, ADHD and offer a range of other benefits for children that need an extra level of snuggles at night.

There are different weights of weighted blankets for different aged children and they come in a range of patterns and colours that your children will love. (Don’t worry, we’ve got a handy weight guide that will show the exact weight of blanket for your specific child’s needs).

In this post, we will discuss the snoozzzy best-weighted blanket benefits for kids and how you can get one today!

We’ve outlined 6 great benefits of snoozzzy weighted blankets and why they are a popular choice for parents with kids.

1. Weighted blankets are a great way to improve sleep quality.

Did you know that using a weighted blanket can help your child get much more restful sleep?

It’s true. One study revealed that children who used a weighted blanket fell asleep faster, stayed asleep longer, and had an easier time getting out of bed compared to sleeping without.

If your child is having trouble sleeping at night, investing in a weighted blanket can be very helpful. It is essentially like taking a warm hug with you to bed and many people find that it makes them sleep more soundly.

2. Weighted blankets can help with anxiety and stress relief in kids.

An excellent way to relieve stress and anxiety for children is through weighted blankets. They provide comforting pressure that can help your child fall asleep faster and sleep better throughout the night.

One of the most effective ways to reduce anxiety and stress is by using a weighted blanket. Basically, these blankets apply pressure on your child’s body that makes them feel more relaxed than with a standard blanket.

This is helpful for so many situations.

A weighted blanket for your child can help them unwind, and ease their anxiety about things like test-taking or going to school. Weighted Blankets can help with a general ongoing restlessness problem for children that naturally sleep lighter.

Weighted blankets are super soft and cozy for your child to use at night or during periods where they need an extra calming sensation. To make sure of the perfect fit, the correct weight can be chosen in relation to age and size so that you are sure it will provide them with comfort that is just right.

3. Weighted blankets can be used for children who have sensory processing disorder or autism spectrum disorders.

The use of weighted blankets has been shown to help children who have sensory processing disorder, like autism or ADHD. It helps them calm and relaxes the mind in times of stress.

Our weighted blankets are specially designed to help children with such conditions sleep better at night! Studies also suggest that they reduce general symptoms of anxiety of any kind.

Snoozzzy weighted blankets can help your child sleep better by calming and stabilizing the nervous system or even improving their behavior in general.

4. There are many different types of weighted blanket materials, including cotton, wool, fleece, and polyester.

A weighted blanket normally contains some type of filling that varies in the amount and feel of weight. The most common fillings are poly pellets, glass beads, even wood chips and flaxseed hulls.

Snoozzzy blankets are weighted specifically for children using non-toxic beads. A Snoozzzy blanket is a wonderful, calming tool to help your child sleep better and longer every night.

5. Snoozzzy isn’t just for special circumstances. It’s just a better blanket.

We are often asked if snoozzzy is of any benefit to children who don’t have trouble sleeping at night. And the answer is – absolutely.

Snoozzzy helps children that find sleep difficult by providing an extra layer of security and comfort. This is a natural effect and works on a process that benefits all children.

Weighted blankets are more relaxing in general for anyone that uses them. Snoozzzy even has a unique range of patterns and designs that children love. All children love a snoozzzy weighted blanket because it provides the perfect balance of security and fun – just like your little one deserves!

Weighted blankets are a wonderful investment. We recommend them to any parent that is looking for extra support and comfort from their child’s bedding.

Pssssst, weighted blankets are also popular among adults too. Feeling more snug and secure at night is positive and almost all people can benefit from it. Even for us grown-ups.

6. Snoozzzy weighted blankets come with a 60-day, no questions, money-back guarantee.

While not a direct benefit of the weighted blanket itself, Snoozzzy blankets give an extra layer of added peace of mind.

The Snoozzzy Weighted Blanket comes with a 60-day, no-questions return policy. If you are not satisfied with the blanket within the first two months of purchase, we will give you your money back.

If you’re not happy with your Snoozzzy Weighted Blanket, we’ll give you a full refund. It’s that simple!

In conclusion.

We all know that a good night’s sleep is essential for healthy development and growth in all children. But, not every child’s natural patterns and individual needs achieve this goal in the same way.

For children with sensory processing disorder or other conditions like PTSD, anxiety disorders, ADHD, autism spectrum disorder or developmental coordination disorder (DCD), weighted blankets are often effective in improving their quality of sleep.

For children with high energy levels or are even just a little spooked at night, a snoozzzy blanket is still there to help.

That’s because a Snoozzzy blanket provides deep pressure stimulation which can reduce stress levels so your little one will feel more comfortable and safe while they drift off into dreamland!

If you’re looking for the best-weighted blanket on the market for kids, look no further than Snoozzzy products – we have an outstanding 60-day money-back guarantee if our product doesn’t help your child sleep.

If you have any questions, would like more information, or even would like to add or improve this article, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thanks for reading.


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