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Roma Norriss, Hand in Hand Parenting, UK- snoozzzy Review

snoozzzy blanket unboxing

I absolutely love hearing feedback from customers, especially when it is as in depth and positive as this! Thank you for the review Roma ❤️

Gravity blankets – do you know about these yet? We have EIGHT of them in our house. They are a total life hack that I feel a bit smug about. Lying under a cosy, heavy blanket contains you, triggers the release of oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine, reduces your cortisol levels and stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system. It’s great for naps, downregulation when you get overstimulated and for sleeping deeper at night.

I originally got one because due to a neurological condition I am in pain a lot of the time, which interrupts my sleep. I’ve found the gravity blanket keeps me deeply asleep on nights where I have lower levels of pain.

My neuroatypical girlfriend gets sensorily overloaded and had no guarantee whether she’d be able to sleep at night. Napping in the day was impossible for her… until I got her one of these. All of our kids were very interested and now have their own.

My daughter (9) who was already a great sleeper says she sleeps under hers every night and loves it because she basically sleeps like a log in the same position the entire night.

I was sent this gorgeous snoozzzy blanket to review. It was a beautiful package to open. When I said it was given to me in exchange for writing nice things about it, my girlfriend’s immediate response was “Well THAT shouldn’t be hard”.

My son (12) was delighted to receive this gorgeous 6kg one with a fleecey grey stag cover. What a perfect gift for a snuggly, home-loving, luxurious Taurus boy. He’s had a difficult relationship with sleep since age 5. He gets anxious and finds it hard to drop. Since he’s had this blanket he’s been falling asleep much more quickly and sleeping well.

It genuinely is the most beautifully made of all the weighted blankets we have. Some of them have pockets of glass beads that kinda sag and the blankets are generally unwieldy to move around. Not this one though; it wraps around you like a heavy duvet. The wuffly, velvety cover is beautifully designed. It feels very plush. It’s good value for money too. We have much more expensive ones that aren’t nearly as lovely. I was actually really jealous and had an evil moment where I considered keeping it for myself.

There are no magic bullets when it comes to sleep. If your child has sleep troubles, there’s obviously no substitute for addressing the underlying feelings and I would recommend working with these first. Interrupted sleep, long drawn out bedtimes or early waking are all driven by an accumulation of unprocessed fear stored in the body. This needs to be attended to by building emotional safety and connection and setting limits incrementally; something I frequently help people with.

However I think weighted blankets are a really valuable part of the overall picture. They certainly seem to create comfort and down-regulation for most people (I say MOST because my sister feels panicked under the weight!). And if I were to buy another I’d get one from Snoozzzy; these are truly beautiful blankets.


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