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Who Run The World?

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A typical day in my house starts with the usual battle of wills ‘yes you will brush your teeth’, ‘no you can’t go to nursery as Cinderella today’… having two strong willed daughters who are both just like their mama means there are compromises all round- usually mine!

Their defiant personalities are one of my favorite things about them, the way that as they are getting older they are developing their own opinions and thoughts on the world fills my heart with pride as I can see that these traits (with a little bit of management!) will take them far.

Laura Markham, a clinical psychologist at Columbia University, explains that strong-willed children (those who are described as spirited, headstrong, rambunctious, and even courageous) are usually self-motivated and inner-directed, and often grow into leaders as adults. They are more impervious to peer pressure and go after what they want with more gusto. They want to “learn things for themselves rather than accepting what others say, so they test the limits over and over”.

I tried to Laura’s mindset over to my business and so snoozzzy was born, not with the aim of restricting children’s free spirits but to give them a tool that they can willingly use to help them relax and unwind when then find it most difficult. I wanted my range to be as far from medicine and rule enforcement as possible and tailored more towards our little ones with designs and fabrics they will want to use and hold (whilst at the same time reaping the benefits of dpt and increases in serotonin).

Any other business which has a similar ethos to myself and snoozzzy really stands out to me and so it is no surprise that Iris Dares has found a place in my heart! With stong feminist messages mixed with gorgoeus (and I mean gorgeous) dresses and accessories for our little princesses what is not to love? You can tell that every item has been made with attention to detail and a level of love that can only be delivered by someone who is truly passionate about their business and the message they are sending out. 

Strong, striking designs and beautiful fabrics make the dresses at Iris Dares stand out from the usual high stress assortment. Little extras such as worry wands for our little worriers and humorous (yet scarily accurate) enamel pins for us mums means there is a little something for us all.

So next time I am being pushed to my limits by my two princesses I will take a deep breath and remember it is just themselves gearing up to being leaders or business owners and hopefully, with strong female influence becoming increasingly more evident they will have the power to become exactly what they want to be. 

In the meanwhile they seem happy winning the Cinderella battle.

Louise ❤️



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