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Why Choose a Lap Pad?

lap pad

So we are all familiar now with the weighted blanket and the positive affect it can have on our children’s sleep (and how when they sleep we sleep!). But what about children who need that extra level of comfort away from their bed?

This is when a weighted lap pad gets to shine! I like to think of ours as mini snoozzzy blankets- they are filled with exactly the same non toxic microbeads and give the user the same sensory regulation through deep pressure touch.

Weighted lap pads are particularly helpful for people with sensory processing disorder, attentional difficulties, and autism because the pressure on the legs has a calming, grounding effect. School teachers have reported that they find lap pads useful at story or carpet time when they need their more restless pupils to settle down and concentrate in a group situation.

These mini soothers can be particularly useful when out and about, I have one in the back of the car for my eldest daughter and it is her go to comfort when she starts to get restless and overtired and I know it would have gone down well when she used to be in a pram- if only I had heard of them sooner!

Lap pads are not only useful for young children. They are widely accepted in schools and can really help any teen or young adult facing exam stress. GCSE’s and A-levels can be a horrible time for any teen and was actually when I suffered most greatly from anxiety and panic attacks. Being able to offer something which might make someone feel better in a situation where I felt horrendous is really heart warming. 

Let’s not forget about the adults amongst us- we all know our stresses only just start when we leave school! Lap pads are discreet and portable and perfect for tucking under your desk on your lap when you are trying to finish that all important report or prepare for a meeting.

Overall a weighted lap pad can make a perfect alternative to a full weighted blanket and is also usable by anyone from children to adults. Weighted lap pads offer targeted DTP input while seated, which can:

  • increase time-on-task
  • increase time seated
  • improve overall seated positioning

Using a sensory lap pad as a tool in school can help kids stay calm and focused, which leads to better classroom performance. 

To round up the weighted lap pad gets a big thumbs up from me and my girls! Let me know what you think- louise@snoozzzy.co.uk

Louise ❤️


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