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Snoozzzy Science Behind the Blankets

The Science
Of Snoozzzy!

Our weighted blanket for kids is filled with just enough non-toxic beads to provide deep pressure touch stimulation without uncomfortable restriction.

The deep pressure from the weight causes the body to produce serotonin and endorphins, which are the chemicals our bodies naturally use to  feel relaxed or calm.

In combination with the darkness that occurs during the night time hours, the pineal gland converts serotonin to melatonin, our natural sleep-inducing hormone.

Sleep Soundly With Our 100% Guarantee

Our 60 day Snoozzzy sleep guarantee offers you peace of mind when choosing your Snoozzzy weighted blanket. If you are not happy with your purchase. Simply return it to – no questions asked. 

Sleep Happiness Guaranteed

Before you buy a blanket anywhere else, ask if they're manufactured to the same stringent safety protocols as Snoozzzy


Fire Resistant

All blankets and covers full tested for fire resistance.


Safety First

Dyes tested to ensure zero traces of formaldehyde


Fully Tested

Stitch seam strength tested on all blankets and toys

durable fabric

Max Durability

Zipper strength machine tested to ensure durability

Choosing the perfect size

Our handy snoozzzy weight guide takes
the stress out of choosing the right blanket for you. We recommend selecting a weight which is roughly 10% of the users body weight to maximise the snoozzzy results. Any weighted blanket for your child should be big enough to cover the users body, not their bed.

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As seen
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Snoozzzy’s founder – Louise Lilof – talks to BBC’s ‘The Customer is Always Right’ about what makes Snoozzzy the perfect choice for any parent.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Read what our customers have to say about our wonderful snoozzzy weighted blankets for kids. 

Louise Goodway
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we received our Snoozzzy blanket. And i have to say it is lovely. Really well made, the cover is so soft. We brought it for our daughter who has complex medical needs to help her fall asleep naturally and i have to say it seems to help. We are now considering one for our older daughter who suffers with anxiety sometimes especially when her little sister is in hospital. Love it.
Excellent blanket
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"Bought this at least 6 months ago, excellent product, has improved my daughter's sleep and good for daytime calming. It's never out of use. The snoozzzy owl is very much loved too. We've got 3 weighted blankets for various family members and this is the nicest one. "
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I bought this to try with a very fidgety 4 year old who struggles to relax at bedtime. She kicks out, taps, wiggles, throws the blankets off and pretty much anything else she can physically do to keep herself awake. We find no matter what time we put her to bed she is very restless and hard to settle. She loves the purple colour and was excited to try it. 2nd night in and bedtime seems a little less fidgety (still took her a while to settle but she seemed calmer) and a huge bonus she spent the entire night in her own bed.
Dawm Hart
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"I brought the 10lb blanket for myself a couple of months back to help with my pain from Arthritis and my constant restless legs. I wanted to leave it a while before writing a review to test it out properly. It's just the right size, others I've looked at have been far too big for me to manage.
Rachel Worboys
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I bought this for myself (32 y/o, neurotypical) as I suffer with really bad restless legs at night, which often stop me getting to sleep. And it's worked wonders! I wasn't sure if it would do anything but with the 60-day money back guarantee it was worth a try, and I'm so pleased I did! I've still had restless legs as I go to bed, but I can go to sleep as the weight seems to help calm them down. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to others, it's stunning quality and great service.
Liam Stopher
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We bought the dinosaur 7lb for our autistic son, my wife tried it out and immediately placed an order for the 10lb unicorn blanket for herself. We even got a spare cover with cute fish on. The blankets are fantastic company. So happy we saw this company on the bbc show. Planning on buying another for our adhd child who seems to be loving trying out the other blankets. Amazing quality and really fair price.
debbie rowles
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"WOW! We have been looking for a weighted blanket for our 11 year old son who has autistic tendencies and has great trouble sleeping due to anxiety. We chose Snoozzy after seeing the product on TV and hearing the story behind it. Five nights in and our son has slept through, going to sleep reasonably quickly, with no light on and the door closed. I cannot remember the last time this happened! We wish we'd been able to buy one for him when he was a baby as our lives would have been so much easier! The packaging is simply beautiful - he was sold before he'd even opened it up and the quality is great - we love the textured underside to each cover. Thank you - we are recommending you to everyone we know! "